Books Make a Better World

I am an actress, millennial, and graduated college with a double major in English and Theatre. That being said, I am broke. Oh, I am also a bibliophile. To the extreme.

I went to London for a semester, and I threw away clothes to bring back my loot from visiting all the used book stores on Charring Cross Road. And about 50% of my free time was spent at the British Library for fun (I look back on my library card from there and sigh in happiness). tumblr_mvynebz76u1shl7gro1_500

I break into a sweat whenever I walk into Barnes and Noble.

I cried when I found out Borders were being closed.

All the librarians at the Newark Public Library know my face, if they do not know my name.

I have a book on me at all times. And I mean ALL THE TIME.

So being obsessed with words, and having no money, I looked for other means to buy books, if I did not borrow them from whatever library I could get my hands on. And a librarian actually recommended one of the best sites I have ever been to:

It was founded in 2002 by university friends. Like most college students, they sold their books online to get rid of the excess books they will never need (like when will I ever need to use this statistics textbook again), and make some money. And the journey took off from there.

Let me start off with what y’all want to hear:

Is it expensive?: NO! First of all, free shipping. Free ShippingLive in Dallas? Free. Live in Oakland? Free. Live in Sydney? FREE! And a lot of books sell from $3.99. Let me repeat, $3.99. Coffees are more expensive than that.

What do they have?: A LOT! I would say everything but that isn’t quite true. Most of the books on are used. So if you are like me and like a good deal, and used book shopping, this is your Nirvana. There are books that are brand new, but those tend to be a bit more expensive…like $10.99 which I still think is a good deal for certain books. Their stock is based on the books that were donated. Which means that they have a lot of the classics (I’m talking about all those high school and college mandatory reading.) They also have textbooks. Meaning instead of me renting my $150 chemistry textbook for $75 for the semester, I was able to go buy it for $25giphy4

But why not just use Amazon?: I am not going to lie and say that Amazon isn’t great. It is amaz-zing! But fund and support book programs and libraries all over the world. Last I checked they have donated over 22,000,000 books, reused or recycled over 253,000,000 books, and have raised over $24,000,000 for libraries and literacy projects.

And if nothing else, it is a good alternative to Amazon or Chegg if you just want to make sure you are getting the best deal you can.

So please please please! Check this website out. I know some of you still have half semester courses coming up that you may need to find a few extra books for. Or if you are like me and have a whole list of books that you would like to buy, but not necessarily the funds, it is a good place to start saving a buck.

This is a business that is dedicated to bringing literacy at an affordable rate to everyone. This is a business that is making reading, and therefore learning, accessible. Knowledge is the first step towards doing anything, and is keen on giving people a leg up.

Happy Reading Everyone!


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