Pod Save America (Please?)


With their new show Pod Save America, the guys from Keepin’ It 1600 – Jon Favreau, Jon Lovett and Dan Pfeiffer – started a new company all on their own, pointedly titled Crooked Media. They are still exploring political topics, but with more of an emphasis for listeners to get involved. Before the election, they had predicted that Hilary would win and were as devastated by the loss as most of us. They figured it was high time to just talk about politics, but try and make some sort of a difference. So when it feels like you can’t make sense of all the insanity surrounding you, these guys are a safe haven for lefties. But make no mistake – these guys are not slouches – they are well versed in what they’re talking about and have a lot to say about a myriad of topics. They both worked in Obama’s administration, so they have plenty of knowledge about the inner-workings of the White House. They are savvy and talk just as fast as the thoughts hit them, and they’re funny to boot. Currently, they only have 3 episodes up, but all three are great.

Highlights from the episodes include musings on Obama’s farewell address and what we’re all going to do now without his comforting presence. Say what you will about the man’s policies – at least I could sleep at night. Revisiting his final speech though reminded me of how uplifted it made me feel. While he was saying goodbye, he was also rallying us together with a plan for how to move forward with positive change. It’s as though his original campaign promise of hope was still there resonating around him, like he hadn’t forgotten what got him on that stage in the first place. He stressed how it’s not one person who can make a difference, but all of us if we band together.

Right now more than ever, citizens and journalists need to join forces to fight the torrent wave of vitriol and incompetence coming from the new administration. Since we all have a part to play in this new, terrifying era, we need to stand strong. We’ve seen this playbook before. Resisting the negative messages pouring out from Trump’s new administration is imperative. If he is actually going to repeal the ACA, people are going to need to stand up on all fronts.

Pod Save America is a great reprieve from the insanity around us right now. From their observations about Sean Spicer being wound way too tight for his new gig to discussing the ethical ramifications of Trump’s presidency with Obama’s Ethics Czar, as he is affectionately known, they help it all go down easy with some levity and much needed seriousness in this crazy circus. (I think it’s needless to say that The Donald did not pass his ethics exam). During episode 3, they chat with senior editor of the Daily Beast, Erin Gloria Ryan, and ask her opinion on how to keep yourself sane but informed in this new world. Balance is key she says: It’s good to read up on what’s going on around you, but make sure to always balance it out with something light – like a marathon of Bob’s Burgers to take the edge off.

By: Glynis Neely

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