Daily Trump Dump 2/3/17

donald2By: Emily Miller

Welcome back to Day 2 of Daily Trump Dump. I don’t even know where to begin, because once again Trump has had a busy 24 hours destroying the world. It’s sometimes overwhelming and difficult to catch up, but don’t worry. I’m here. Since we last left off Trump has announced plans to get rid of one of the most basic and well known laws, attacked yet another country, is gearing up to sign a bill that will eliminate one of the very few gun control laws we have, announced plans to make a public policy so that his friends can make more money, and was mean to Arnold Schwarzenegger…again.

1. Vowed to “Totally Destroy” the Johnson Amendment

Trump, yesterday, vowed to “totally destroy” the Johnson Amendment during one of his speeches. Most Americans probably wouldn’t be able to describe what the Johnson Amendment is, though it’s actually one of our most basic laws. The Amendment, passed by Republican President Dwight Eisenhower, in it’s most basic form, is the separation of church and state.

More importantly, here is a NYT excerpt: explaining why we need it.


Some of the largest group of supporters for Trump are religious conservatives, which is why he is pushing to get rid of this bill, even though it is so innately grained into American society. He did not however offer how he would get this passed, as it would have to be approved by Congress first.

During the same speech, he praised President Eisenhower for putting the words, ‘under God’ in the pledge of allegiance. Clearly Trump didn’t realize Eisenhower was responsible for the Johnson Amendment as well.


2. Hurt Our Relationship With Iran

For the second day in a row, Trump has attacked another country in the world via his twitter.


Today’s lucky winner of his tweet storm is none other than Iran. Trump and National Security Adviser Michael Flynn announced that they had “put Iran on notice” after they tested a missile. Instead of letting his threat do it’s job, Trump decided to reinforce it early this morning on his twitter.


With our relationship with Iran being quite fragile, the President should not be personally attacking them, or the previous administration that they had worked with.

Only time will tell who was actually playing with Fire, Iran or Trump.

3. Will Sign a Law Getting Rid of Gun Control Restrictions

The GOP has repealed one of the very few laws on gun control that Obama had managed to pass after the Newtown shooting. The law prevented the mentally unstable from purchasing guns. The background checks were for “disabled Social Security recipients mentally incapable of managing their own affairs.”

The GOP argued that no one should be prevented access to their Constitutional Right of owning a gun, and that this law was unfair towards people with disabilities. Democrats argued that this law was for people that were incapable of doing day to day tasks without the help of an at home aid or family member.

Trump said when the bill is sent to him, he will sign it.

4. Trump Is Officially Reviewing Dodd-Frank & Fiduciary Rule

Trump has signed two directives today, one to review Dodd-Frank, and the other to prevent the Fiduciary Rule from becoming active in April.

So what are these rules, why are they significant and what are his motives?

Dodd-Frank were regulations passed by Obama to put restrictions on giant financial firms. While this is a multi-faceted regulation with many components, essentially it is a bunch of safeguards to help regulate financial institutions. This way, if the banks and other institutions failed again, the economy would be better protected.

The  Fiduciary Rule requires financial advisers to act in the best interests of their clients in retirement planning. Yup, you read that right. It’s as simple as that. Yet Trump’s second directive called to defer making Obama’s rule active. It was supposed to be implemented in April.

Trump’s administration is quick to say that nothing has actually happened yet, they are simply reviewing these laws which supposedly limit American’s options because banks won’t be burdened with paying billions of dollars in regulation costs.

The scariest part of all this however, is Trump’s direct quote on the situation:

“We expect to be cutting a lot out of Dodd-Frank, because frankly I have so many people, friends of mine, that have nice businesses and they can’t borrow money…they just can’t get any money because the banks just won’t let them borrow because of the rules and regulations in Dodd-Frank. So we’ll be talking about that in terms of the banking industry.”

The President of the United States just said he was making a public policy decision so that his friends can make more money.

5. Donald Trump Insults Arnold Schwarzenegger…Again

This one isn’t actually that important in the grand scheme of things. This just clearly showcases how much of a death wish Trump has. For the second day in a row, Trump has insulted the Kindergarten Cop, the Terminator himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger.


In all seriousness though, this is a troubling trend. The President of the United States should never use his platform to insult a private citizen. The office he holds demands more respect, intelligence and grace then that.

By continuing to attack those who speak ill of him, he is setting a dangerous precedent.

This is not okay, despite how likely it is that Arnold would beat him in a fight.



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