DisneyBounding to Beauty and the Beast’s Release: DAY ONE

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST IS RELEASED THIS WEEK!!!! The last time I was THIS excited about a movie was The Force Awakens, and before that, I honestly don’t remember. Toy Story 3, maybe? I don’t know. The point is, I’m REALLY excited about Beauty and the Beast.

One of the ways I channel my excitement about anything pop culture is through attire. i love to dress up or wear themed shirts/hats/pins what have you. Which is why I LOVE DisneyBound.

What is DisneyBound, you ask?

“DisneyBound is meant to be inspiration for you to pull together your own outfits which work for your body and wallet whether from your closet or local mall.”

DisneyBound shares outfits inspired by Disney and other pop culture characters. That way, adults attending the Disney Parks or shows could take part in the magic without breaking any Disney rules about dressing up at these locations.

Typically, an outfit creator would take the color scheme or feel of a character and create an outfit using those colors. For example:

Images Courtesy of DisneyBound.co

Fun, right?!

So, with my love of DisneyBound and excitement for Beauty and the Beast, I decided to DisneyBound each day leading up to the film, Monday-Thursday. I am “bounding” as the following characters:

  1. Beast
  2. Gaston
  3. Le Fou
  4. Belle

Two heroic leads and two villain!

AND I’ve already completed my first Bound!

I wanted to Bound as the Beast, but I didn’t have the cape color or ball jacket colors in my wardrobe. Not that I could remember, anyway. HOWEVER, I did have something that resembled what The Beast wears during the castle chase and when he eventually (spoiler) transforms into the Prince. Just as a reminder, here’s what I was going off of:

So, as I said, I didn’t have the correct color pieces for the cape. And I also was staying at my parent’s house in preperation for Storm Stella and I didn’t bring any jewlery or accessories with me to compliment the ensemble or to reference the brooch that holds his cape together. BUT I did have a loose white shirt, blue pants, and AMAZING hair.

My basic ensemble was

-Cream button-up shirt [To reference The Beast’s torn, loose hanging white shirt]

-Brown tank top [Because it’s neutral and Beastly at the same time]

-Blue jeans [The color of Beast’s pants look different depending on the lighting, but they’re dark blue or black. I just went with blue because that’s what I had]

-Brown boots. [Again. Beastly.]

Here’s a closeup:


And here’s the entire ensemble:


So could anyone look at me and immediately think, “Oh! She’s dressing like the Beast…or the Prince!” No. But I could tell, and I looked and felt great. And that’s what’s important.

Tune in tomorrow the second DisneyBound,


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