Just Go On

By: Alicia Christine

“We never stop, we keep on moving forwards, even if we don’t know what we’re moving towards. Sometimes the only way to go is to just go on.”

This song is a more recent addition to songs/quotes that help pull me through difficult times. The first time I heard it, I thought the song was going to be a joke. Sure, there were a few funny lines (“You could win a million bucks in the morning and then get rolled by a bunch of stinkin’ hobos”), but overall, the message of the song was sincere and heartwarming.

I am in a rough place of life right now. I was at work one morning and this song popped into my head. At first it was not at all welcome. I was already not succeeding in keeping myself together, and I didn’t need an emotional song playing in my head. I texted my friend Rebecca, in tears saying, “I have the Kimmy Schmidt “Just Go On” song stuck in my head and I can’t stop crying.” She wisely responded, “Nooooo! Try to change it to Pinot Noir instead!” This trick worked and I was able to push it out of my head for the day.

A couple of weeks later, the song re-emerged in my head. I was still having a rough time, but I wasn’t a wreck, and while the song made me feel sad, I realized the lyrics were unexpectedly comforting me. I don’t have a lot of direction, or energy, or optimism right now. Uncertainty seems like a massive road block to me. While this song played in my head, I was reminded that it’s not as big of a road block as I think it is. I was reminded that yes, change hurts and we don’t always have clarity or direction, but instead of stopping dead in our tracks, we have to walk into the unknown and grapple with the uncertainty.

Sometimes the only way to go, is to just go on.

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